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This site is a great opportunity for players around the world to show themselves to different clubs and scouts. Players can set up a profile with videos and highlights of their performances. Scouts can search for free in the database (just make an account)

For only 12 € a year


Participate at an event to show your skills or to enjoy the game. Clubs are able to post their events. For 15€ they can promote their events for an entire year. Single Ad €2,00 for 1 job listed for 60 days
First they have to register (for free)

For the clubs and scouts the database is free (no charge) to use

At different trials the clubs/scouts will get access to the database and can not only see you playing at a specific trial but also see your players history and make a better decision for a follow up.

Only clubs and scouts are able to get in contact with you by watching your profile to get in contact with you for maybe a new step in your career

For clubs and other organizations it is possible to promote their activity like trials, soccercamps and may more on the site

About Our Database

Clubs and scouts are now able to search into a database of players for talented players, they can look for players within a specific Country or region or they can search for players for a specific position of any age.

Free of charge for scouts and clubs.